a little lesson

the first time i saw maria

i thought it was a dream

she came downstairs in a long green dress and gave me a tangerine

i was 6 years old and already loved to read

the first time i saw steven

i thought i was in love

he held my hand when i got in trouble and refused to leave my side

i was 8 years old and still learning wrong from right

the first time i saw carrie

i knew we would be friends

she stayed up with me all night while we read side by side

i was 11 years old and felt at home with another person for the first time

the first time i saw john

i didn’t know it would be trouble

he shouted apologized shouted apologized came home high shouted apologized then he did it again

i was 19 years old and realized i was conditioned to put a man above myself

the first time i saw delilah

i felt i’d met my match

we swore we would grow to be old ladies together yet couldn’t look each other in the eye

i was 23 years old and was shown that some people refuse to be anything but the hero or victim of their own story

the curtain closes quickly

not always with a goodbye

and sometimes that’s so easy

sometimes that’s just fine

it’s all shades of gray

and it’s your face washed in sunlight

it’s every layer of the human condition

and it’s all the sweet taste of paradise

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