Per aspera ad astra

Your touch soft and slow
Like the sparkling dew on the grass
In the early morning glow

Your smile assured disarming and proud
The ice cream melts as the sun goes down
Blood orange cream swirls in the clouds
You're humming the sweetest purest sound

Your presence both here and gone
An unexplored part of a map
That I’ll never see drawn
Your essence gentle and mighty
A crashing ocean and sweeping current
Mysterious as old photographs

You are in the living room
Dancing with a glass of red wine
While the fireplace crackles beside you
Slowly but surely dying out

Mother mother help me
You'd know just what to do
The role you never asked for
But knew you had to do
Nurturing angel envy of all
Etched in your epitaph a single tulip
The bed of flowers catches your fall
As love drips from your fingertips
Mother nature mother true
You did everything you wished to do
The door is cracked and the light turns on
Your face is glowing going gone

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